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DraftKings Lineups: Atlanta, 2017

Matt Kenseth photo

Matt Kenseth appears in 28 of my top 30 optimized DraftKings lineups for Atlanta tomorrow. (photo courtesy nascar)

I’ve used my lineup optimizer to compile my top 30 DraftKings NASCAR driver lineups for tomorrow’s Atlanta race. To compile them, first I plugged my final driver rankings for tomorrow’s race and the starting lineup into my driver points projection model to project how many DraftKings points each driver will score at Atlanta tomorrow. Then I ran those points projections through a knapsack-problem optimizer algorithm I created in Google Sheets with the OpenSolver add-on, which churned through all possible driver combinations to calculate the 30 best lineups for tomorrow’s race.

The lineups are sorted in descending order of total predicted points scored, and the total predicted points have been rounded to the nearest hundredth. I posted them in a PDF file you can download and view for $3. Here’s the link: Atlanta 2017 DraftKings Lineups

Note: No guarantee comes with my lineups, rankings, predictions, etc. Use them at your own risk. To get a feel for how the lineups look, check out my Kansas I 2016 DraftKings lineups.

Good luck today!

DraftKings Driver Values: Atlanta, 2017

AJ Allmendinger photo

To finish the bottom of your DraftKings lineups for Atlanta tomorrow, take a look at A.J. Allmendinger. (photo courtesy nascar)

Here are my DraftKings driver points and price/point predictions for tomorrow’s Atlanta race. To predict how many DraftKings points each driver will score tomorrow, I plugged my driver rankings for tomorrow’s race into my projection model, and the qualifying results/starting lineup. Then, to calculate each driver’s price/point, I simply divided each driver’s price by their predicted points.

The below table lists all drivers running tomorrow, and it’s sorted from lowest price/point to highest. If you’re on a small-screen device, scroll the table horizontally with a finger drag to see all the columns.

The table: Continue reading

Final Rankings: Atlanta, 2017

joey logano photo

Joey Logano remains my pick to win Atlanta in my final driver rankings. (photo courtesy nascar)

Here are my final driver rankings for tomorrow’s NASCAR Sprint Cup race at Atlanta. I compiled them by crunching the practice and qualifying data from Atlanta on Friday and Saturday, and then melding it with the historical data:

  1. Joey Logano
  2. Kyle Busch
  3. Kevin Harvick
  4. Brad Keselowski
  5. Chase Elliott
  6. Denny Hamlin
  7. Matt Kenseth
  8. Martin Truex Jr.
  9. Dale Earnhardt Jr.
  10. Kyle Larson Continue reading