I Wrote a Novel!

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Last spring I published my first novel, a technothriller titled All In. Here’s the blurb:

“During a routine corporate security job, hacker Jim Ericssen accidentally steps on the digital toes of something he’s never “met” before: a powerful, malevolent, artificial intelligence, buried deep in cyberspace. He probably could’ve survived just fine. All it would take is an apology and a promise of silence.

But Jim’s big problem—pride—gets in the way, and he pushes too far.

Immediately, he’s in serious trouble: an escalating back-and-forth battle with a brutal menu of real-world consequences, including everything from prison to an early grave. And his AI foe proves able to hack and use just about anything attached to the internet as a weapon.

As their one-on-one fight explodes into an inconceivable global conflict, Jim must navigate dwindling options to save not just his own life, but humanity, from a desperate future…”

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Taking a Break in 2018

I’m sorry to report I won’t post NASCAR Cup driver rankings or DraftKings driver values this season. Doing all that posting is a big time suck, and I don’t make hardly any money doing it. It also reduces the amount of time I can spend on other projects, and one of my contract jobs has gotten much busier this winter.

Most importantly, I built up a decent bankroll on DraftKings last year (in part by taking down the NASCAR Beast), so I’m gonna take it seriously this year to see if I can actually win some consistent, significant $. I figure posting driver rankings and DraftKings driver values might actually harm that pursuit, so I will stop giving my competitors my info.

Or at least until I go broke! Who knows, if I go bust on DraftKings, I may resume posting rankings/values at some point this season. I’ll leave the blog up, and I may post non-rankings content, too.

Good luck this season!

DraftKings Driver Values: Homestead, 2017

AJ Allmendinger photo

To finish the bottom of your DraftKings lineups for Homestead today, take a look at AJ Allmendinger in the $6K tier. (photo courtesy nascar)

Here are my DraftKings driver points and price/point predictions for today’s Homestead race. To predict how many DraftKings points each driver will score today, I plugged my final driver rankings for today’s race into my projection model, and the starting lineup. Then, to calculate each driver’s price/point, I simply divided each driver’s price by their predicted points.

The below table lists all drivers available on DraftKings today, and it’s sorted from lowest price/point to highest. If you’re on a small-screen device, scroll the table horizontally with a finger drag to see all the columns.

The table: Continue reading