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NASCARPredict’s 2012 Results

With the NASCAR Sprint Cup 2012 season in the books, I’ve gone through all my final race rankings and begun evaluating how I did this year compared with all the actual race results. The short answer: Pretty good, with some room for improvement.

Here are the three categories I’ve looked at first:

1. Race Winners
In 2012, I picked 9 winners out of the 36 races. I was right 25% of the time, so if I’d been betting each race, I would’ve needed 3-1 odds on each bet to break even for the year.

I think 36 races is too small a sample size to definitively conclude my handicapping method will pick winners 25% of the time, but it’s probably in the ballpark. I’ve begun looking back at my 2011 and 2010 picks, and that will give me 108 races, a much more substantial data sample size. Initial impression: I think my winner pick rate will end up somewhere from 20%–25%. Continue reading