Taking a Break in 2018

I’m sorry to report I won’t post NASCAR Cup driver rankings or DraftKings driver values this season. Doing all that posting is a big time suck, and I don’t make hardly any money doing it. It also reduces the amount of time I can spend on other projects, and one of my contract jobs has gotten much busier this winter.

Most importantly, I built up a decent bankroll on DraftKings last year (in part by taking down the NASCAR Beast), so I’m gonna take it seriously this year to see if I can actually win some consistent, significant $. I figure posting driver rankings and DraftKings driver values might actually harm that pursuit, so I will stop giving my competitors my info.

Or at least until I go broke! Who knows, if I go bust on DraftKings, I may resume posting rankings/values at some point this season. I’ll leave the blog up, and I may post non-rankings content, too.

Good luck this season!

15 thoughts on “Taking a Break in 2018

  1. Nathan Toth

    I’m Sorry to hear. I’m curious as to how to learn to use quantitative data/ algorithm/ Pythagorean models in NASCAR Fantasy? I mean learning from a kids learning perspective. I’m a novice. Either way good luck.

  2. Debbie

    Seriously sad to hear – This was my first year doing fantasy NASCAR. I looked in a lot of places for advice and your blog was BY FAR the BEST!!! Will miss it – and probably do much more poorly in my league (finished a close second after starting out at the bottom). Good luck on your future endeavors, you’ve earned it! And Thank you so much!

  3. KidRock

    DM (@KidRockU) if interested in receiving compensation for advice.
    Do VERY small online wagering. Odds to Win and Head 2 Head just for fun & make it interesting.
    But if not, thanks for previous posts & GL with future endeavors.

  4. Gary Boucher

    All I can say is good luck. Really enjoyed your picks, they did actually help me in a local NASCAR pool.

  5. Mickey Argo

    So how are you doing after three races? I know my production has fallen off the cliff 🙂

  6. Jed Henson Post author

    Mickey, I was a little ahead until Vegas, when all 6 of my lineups were crappers. Looking forward to Phoenix. To my eye, Fords are looking strong on the big tracks this year, and Hendrick/Chevy weak. Tempted to manually tweak the rankings to reflect it.

  7. Jed Henson Post author

    Mickey, unfortunately I lost $. I won a little early in the season and from mid-summer through the end, but I suffered a back-breaking cold streak from roughly March-June. Over 10 straight races in that time, my lineups returned $0–painful.

    Not sure yet if I’ll go for it again next season. For now just enjoying the break, recharging.

  8. Mickey Argo


    With the start of NASCAR less than two weeks out, I hope you will think about a subscription model for your numbers…this would cut down the people competing against you while helping your bankroll. I would be more than happy to pay $200 for a full season of your data! If you don’t want to setup a website that would handle subscriptions, csv files would be fine with me.

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