Taking a Break in 2018

I’m sorry to report I won’t post NASCAR Cup driver rankings or DraftKings driver values this season. Doing all that posting is a big time suck, and I don’t make hardly any money doing it. It also reduces the amount of time I can spend on other projects, and one of my contract jobs has gotten much busier this winter.

Most importantly, I built up a decent bankroll on DraftKings last year (in part by taking down the NASCAR Beast), so I’m gonna take it seriously this year to see if I can actually win some consistent, significant $. I figure posting driver rankings and DraftKings driver values might actually harm that pursuit, so I will stop giving my competitors my info.

Or at least until I go broke! Who knows, if I go bust on DraftKings, I may resume posting rankings/values at some point this season. I’ll leave the blog up, and I may post non-rankings content, too.

Good luck this season!

14 thoughts on “Taking a Break in 2018

  1. Nathan Toth

    I’m Sorry to hear. I’m curious as to how to learn to use quantitative data/ algorithm/ Pythagorean models in NASCAR Fantasy? I mean learning from a kids learning perspective. I’m a novice. Either way good luck.

  2. Debbie

    Seriously sad to hear – This was my first year doing fantasy NASCAR. I looked in a lot of places for advice and your blog was BY FAR the BEST!!! Will miss it – and probably do much more poorly in my league (finished a close second after starting out at the bottom). Good luck on your future endeavors, you’ve earned it! And Thank you so much!

  3. KidRock

    DM (@KidRockU) if interested in receiving compensation for advice.
    Do VERY small online wagering. Odds to Win and Head 2 Head just for fun & make it interesting.
    But if not, thanks for previous posts & GL with future endeavors.

  4. Gary Boucher

    All I can say is good luck. Really enjoyed your picks, they did actually help me in a local NASCAR pool.

  5. Mickey Argo

    So how are you doing after three races? I know my production has fallen off the cliff 🙂

  6. Jed Henson Post author

    Mickey, I was a little ahead until Vegas, when all 6 of my lineups were crappers. Looking forward to Phoenix. To my eye, Fords are looking strong on the big tracks this year, and Hendrick/Chevy weak. Tempted to manually tweak the rankings to reflect it.

  7. Jed Henson Post author

    Mickey, unfortunately I lost $. I won a little early in the season and from mid-summer through the end, but I suffered a back-breaking cold streak from roughly March-June. Over 10 straight races in that time, my lineups returned $0–painful.

    Not sure yet if I’ll go for it again next season. For now just enjoying the break, recharging.

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