2014 Sprint Cup Start & Park Tracker

This year I’m attempting to keep track of which cars do the start-and-park thing in Sprint Cup. I figure it might prove helpful to fantasy NASCAR players who need to use a bottom-shelf driver but want to ensure they don’t get shafted by a start-and-park. Plus, I think it might prove interesting in a morbid sort of way, which is why I’ve included the accumulated prize winnings.

Note: The following start-and-park info isn’t official. It’s my best guesses based on what I pick up each week during NASCAR telecasts and see in the official race-results document NASCAR posts following each race. If, for example, I see Morgan Shepard finished 43rd and lists “brakes” as the reason he quit after only 28 laps (see Phoenix I), I figure it’s safe to assume he was start-parking. But, such assumptions could be wrong! So, take this list with a grain of salt.

OK, here’s what I’ve got through the first Phoenix race:

Cars Drivers # of Start & Parks Accumulated Prize Winnings
87 Morgan Shepard 1 $48,000