Yahoo! Fantasy Scoring Calculator

This is what the calculator looks like.

I was reading through the excellent Fantasy NASCAR Forum over on this week, and one forum member posted a link to a scoring calculator for the Yahoo! fantasy NASCAR league. If you’re like me, it takes way too long after a race for Yahoo! to tabulate and post all our scores, and with this nifty online calculator you can calculate your point total as soon as you know your drivers’ finishing position. You could also use it to run “what if” scenarios (e.g., “What if Johnson didn’t run out of gas and finished 2nd instead of 22nd?”).

Find the calculator here: Yahoo! Fantasy NASCAR Racing Score Calculator

One thought on “Yahoo! Fantasy Scoring Calculator

  1. Michelle G

    This makes me want to be a NASCAR fan, only I don’t think that will happen. We’re a WWE/TNA household, and there’s only so much time I can spend keeping up with all these players. Maybe I can just start driving really fast!

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